COVID Atlas datasets

COVID Atlas crawls and aggregates data from official local and national government sources, in addition to data curated by academic institutions, reputable journalists, and other verified sources.

COVID Atlas data is de-duplicated, cross-checked against other sources, and annotated with population data and GeoJSON features. Currently, COVID Atlas crawls and aggregates data from over 150 sources, covering more 500 states and regions, 3000 counties, and municipalities, and 190 countries.

The consolidated, multi-format dataset of granular COVID-19 case information is available in the public domain for anyone to view, download, or access via an API.

We encourage scientists, researchers, developers, journalists, and anyone else to analyze this dataset, use it to create models and projections, create visualizations, or identify errors and missing data.

Latest: Global daily totals

A point-in-time snapshot of worldwide COVID-19 data (updated daily)

Timeseries: Global timeseries

Worldwide COVID-19 data in timeseries format (starting at 2020-01-22)

Locations: Metadata and GeoJSON features

GeoJSON features for all locations found in our dataset, useful for building map visualizations

Documentation for the reports is available on GitHub.