About COVID Atlas

COVID Atlas is an international team of engineers, designers, and technologists aggregating COVID-19 (aka "Coronavirus") data from official government sources and trusted data providers.

Every piece of data collected is open, accessible in the public domain, and published in multiple formats. It is available tagged with relevant metadata such as GeoJSON, population / census information, and source citations.

Our data is sourced exclusively from official public health channels, and verified sources.

Built by a global community

The source code for the project is community-developed and open-source on GitHub, providing full transparency into every aspect of its functionality. We publish all data, research, and related findings in the public domain.

If you're a developer or researcher, you can download our raw local-level dataset or view it displayed on a world map.

If you'd like to contribute, please send us a PR and join us on Slack.

Please also find us on the social network of your choosing:

COVID Atlas contributors

COVID Atlas is built and maintained by an international collection of concerned citizens. We are deeply appreciative to every single volunteer around the world who keep COVID Atlas running.

Below are some of the current project leads:

  • Andi Galpern (San Francisco, CA, US) – Design program management, content, and community
  • Cam Chamberlain (Melbourne, Australia) – Data scraper lead for Asia and Oceania
  • Elissa Lerner (New York, NY, US) – Copywriting, content, and editing
  • Jeff Zohrab (Toronto, Ontario, CA) – Back-end development lead, Back-end onboarding lead
  • Larry Davis (San Francisco, CA, US) – Project co-lead, System architecture co-lead, Front-end lead
  • Nate Baldwin (Salt Lake City, Utah, US) – Product design lead (interim), color schemes, style guides, UX, and UI
  • Quentin Golsteyn (Vancouver, BC, CA) – Data quality and verification lead, data scraper lead for Europe and Africa
  • Ryan Block (San Francisco, CA, US) – Project co-lead and System architecture co-lead
  • Zsolt Ero (Hungary) – Back-end development lead

Additional acknowledgments

COVID Atlas would also like to acknowledge the services provided by our hosting partner Amazon AWS.

This project also exists in part thanks to Adobe and Begin. These companies provided a number of our contributors the flexibility necessary to participate in building COVID Atlas.

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